About Us

Miras Otel offers 8 rooms in total. 3 Deluxe Suite ve 5 Deluxe room are all decorated in different concepts . These rooms are handcraft and non - smoking cave suits. The walls are decorated in a variety of motifs including historical and mythological patterns by masterhands. All of our rooms are decorated for your comfort and equipped with private shower, bathtubs, turkish hammam and jacuzzi bathtubs. All beds in rooms are non-alergic and orthopedic. Duvet covers are also anti-bacterial, cotton-satin included special manufactures

The restoration paid utmost attention to the preservation of the originality of the ruins. Miras Hotel is designed proper to its historical heritage so hotel guests can experience the Cappadocian history and culture in detail and also various antiquities are registered at our uniqe rooms. After 2,5 years of renovation Miras Otel, provides you the bests of history and modern time..

Since you enter this historical hotel you will find yourself in a time tunnel. You can enjoy your award-winning wine with the magneficient sunset for company. And miras hotel is situated just a few minutes walk from the center of Goreme Village and goreme open air museum. We look forward to meet you in our hotel...

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